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Jun 30, 2012 7:00pm PDT
mark gibert. and marti purching the numbers for us in the broadcast booth. mike napoli with one out. and napoli one-three and singles and scored back in the fifth inning. it is 46,000 and 46,700. and only the philadelphia phillies have a higher attendance. it is terrific. it is home fold advantage. it is staying. very impressive. it is a t-shirt night. >> i have not received the bobal head. and it comes down to the glove of weeks and napoli is retired . checkeg out the view. they are back with the twins in town on baseball night in america. >> he's a hard working man these days. he had worked three straight day with a total of 86 pitchers . and right field corner. they are proud as they reach the college world series. he's donated a lot of time and money to the stony brook program since becoming of age. >> he's a big part of their turn around . they now play at joe nathan field. you take walk around and a lot of stony brook and pass them out. >> for those viewers who have no idea where stony brook is located. it is on the eastern end of long island. and gentry calling a strike andat
Jul 7, 2012 7:00pm PDT
joined us, give you another game summary. mauro gomez and pedro ciriaco, the bottom two in the lineup for the red sox, scored three runs, driven in four, 6 for 8 combined. two guys that are minor league free agents, and they've been big tonight for the red sox. adrian gonzalez has three hits andruw jones, who's on deck, has hit three solo home runs. two in the opener of this day/night double-header. then he went deep. we'll go down to ken rosenthal if a moment. two on for swisher. inside, kenny, your phone is lighting up again. >> ken: joe, you might be wondering who gets credit for signing mauro gomez and pedro ciriaco. well, i just got a text from theo epstein, former red sox gm, now with the cubs, and he reminded me that alec baird and alex porter of the red sox get the credit. theo says they always do a great job. >> joe: 1-1, down and in. meanwhile, ken, i know you found information on the red sox, if they want to add players or payroll going forward in 2012. >> tim: that's right, joe. i found out today they're about $10 million over the luxury tax threshold. that's not a good th
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2